Saturday, July 29, 2006

Reading = Sleeping

I've found this book lying on my desk.AGAINST THE GODS - THE REMARKABLE STORY OF RISK

And I just remembered that I bought this at Heathrow Airport during my grueling 4 hours wait for my flight on my departure day back to KL. On first glance, it looked pretty interesting and I've definitely seen someone reading it before.(I think it was Sebastien who had this, right?)

One month after that very day, this book is lying on my desk, waiting for me to finish it(I'm still at page 69). Oh dear, I really hope I could finish this book although chances are slim. In fact, there are only a handful of books which I've really ever finished reading.

Which reminds me, have I ever ever finished reading my textbook? Or is there anybody out there who really reads text book just for fun? If anybody reading this happens to have done that, PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

Alright, I'm gonna continue on my tortoise pace reading this book. Let's hope that I can come out with a story while reading this to post.



Skyler said...

Hey, I remember those Sejarah books. Hated them big time.

Boss Lepton said...

skyler: those books are already not in the current syllabus.

Boss Stewie said...

mmy boss new blog so nice