Sunday, August 22, 2004

Peace - A solution?

Well peace is obviously a better way to solve problems. That's the humane way. But the Taiwan issue is different.

Firstly, Taiwan is the only "country" not to accept the "One country, Two Government" policy proposed by China. In the past, Hong Kong and Macau are the 2 beneficiaries from this proposal. Mind you, they came out with this policy just targetting Taiwan. Of course, whether Taiwan belongs to China is a different debate.(which I strongly believe it does)

Secondly, the US isn't very helpful in easing the tension. In fact one might even suspect if US has other motives. It could benefit from the military equipments bought to fight the war if China were to invade. Well, as they said, money is the root of all evil.

Thirdly, China is definitely not taking back its words. They want Taiwan back, and by hook or by crook, they'll go for it.

Obviously, nobody wants any bloodshed. Consider the following.
Taiwan is willing to negotiate. (and likely to agree)
The US is going to act as the middlemen.
China get what it wants without military action.
All ends peacefully.
Then again, is this scenario likely?

Thanx to Adrian for that comment.
Honestly I love peace, and the economy can only grow during peace, seriously.


William said...

The U.S. got out of the Great Depression after Pearl Harbour. So war is actually good for economy. Provided you are not fighting in ur own country. Should China go to war with Taiwan, the ones that will benefit most will be the Taiwanese themselves. Let's now look at the 4 Tigers of Asia ; S.Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. No question that they've had better days b4 than now. Now now with the price of oil being so high, making production, topped up with inflation in their respective countries, lag and thus disrupting their economy. There is a myth that I recently heard,stating that Hong Kong was lagging in consumer spending due to uncertainties of the Iraq war and high costs of living. Mr. Tung made a call to China to address this problem, and would you believe it, China approved 1,000,000 visas to the Chinese ppl to go over to HK to travel over the weekend.These visas are hard to get, and imagine that if you have this chance, of cuz you will spend like Dao Ming Sze (Meteor Garden - I DUN WATCH IT!!). Imagine,if 1,000,000 ppl spend AT LEAST HKD$1,000, ammasSing a sales turnover of HKD$1 bil. THATS THE POWER THAT CHINA HAS TO JUMPSTART A LAGGING ECONOMY. And Taiwan's economy will definitely benefit from it.

This is of course, an economic view only.

I have more stories of China and Taiwan coming soon. :)

Anonymous said...

guys... fuck econs... lets slack