Saturday, August 21, 2004

5 Reasons why I think China hasn't Bomb Taiwan yet

5. China is waiting for US to end its war in Iraq so that the international community would focus on the Taiwan issue. Maybe this would put pressure on Taiwan so that it'll comply with China's request. Over my dead body will anybody pressure that dumbass Taiwanese president to comply. He can't even convince his people that he's capable for the job. If they haven't done it in the past, what makes anybody think that they'll do it in the future. That's 1 reason less, my fault.

4. China is waiting for the US election. Should the Bush administration not get re-elected, they might......... oh wait, different argument. China is just waiting FOR the election so the US military support to Taiwan is weakened. Weaken my ass. They might even push for Bush to get re-elected since he's the war mongel. But there's a small problem, he's that because of oil. Wait...... who cares anything about the US, if China say that they'll attack even if the US or the UN oppose(which they do), buzzz off US. My fault again, 3 reasons might just do it.

3. There's the Olympic Games and you know there's an international agreement that all hostilities has to stop when the games are going on. Wait, er......... then why did US bomb Najaf on the day of the opening ceremony? That's like telling you to be a vegetarian but you not only eat meat, you eat the meat after you killed the animal. Back to the Chinese issue, This reason does not apply so we have 2 reasons left.

2. Taiwan hasn't announce their independence yet. You damn sure they haven't, otherwise it'll not be there anymore. But then again China has stated that they factors affecting their action are "Mainland China's domestic situation, the US's attitude, and Taiwan's action, IN DECENDING ORDER" (quoted from here). Er, yea that says it all. Lastly.......

1. The main reason is of course as above, Mainland China's domestic situation. Ok so the pressure is on Hu Jin Tao. But there's something wrong here, you see, Hu Jin Tao is the current political chief in China, but the Chinese's military power still lies in the hand of Mr. Jiang Zemin. He is the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and doesn't look like he's gonna let it go anytime soon. If there's somebody who can care less(just a bit less) about the Chinese economic situation, it's gonna be Jiang. Smart move Mr. Jiang, you my hero. Bottom line, I'm sorry Taiwan, nobody can help you now.

Comments are welcome. Hostilities are welcomed as well.

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Anonymous said...

oi dumbass... why you so GLT wan? i thought last time you're all for peace? you want peace in the world, in our homes, among our friends families and neighbours... sigh... quah quah quah!